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Author: San Giorgi, MRM - Latest update: 26-04-2021
The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is the only center of excellence for laryngeal papillomatosis in the Netherlands. Institutions can only be awarded a Center of Excellence designation once every five years. Amsterdam UMC’s application for 2020 is currently under consideration. The healthcare provided at the UMCG and Amsterdam UMC is specifically designed to provide the best possible support to patients with laryngeal papillomatosis. This support is provided by ENT physicians who have built up years of experience in laryngeal papillomatosis and the treatment of this disease. The pathology department is also well acquainted with this rare disease, while the speech therapy department also treats many patients with laryngeal papillomatosis and the anesthesiology department likewise has extensive experience of patients with this disease.

Much research into laryngeal papillomatosis is carried out in the UMCG. More information on previous and ongoing research can be found here. The UMCG continually strives to share the results of its research with other physicians specialized in ENT and other disciplines around the world by publishing its research in scientific journals and presenting research results at international conferences and meetings.

The head of the center of excellence for laryngeal papillomatosis is Prof. Dikkers. He has worked at Amsterdam UMC since 2017 and during this time has brought all the requisite knowledge and skills of the center of excellence to Amsterdam UMC, AMC location.




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